"It is possible to believe that all the human mind has ever accomplished is but the dream before the awakening"

H.G. Wells

Our Future

Evolution or Extinction

At this pivotal moment in history, humanity finds itself at a crossroads, facing rapid changes that present us with a future that could veer towards either a utopian vision or apocalyptic destruction. Our journey forward appears to diverge along three possible paths: collapse, plateau, or transcendence. Each path offers a distinct outcome for our civilization, from the brink of extinction to reaching heights of advancement beyond our current comprehension.

Path of Collapse and Plateau

The threat of a catastrophic collapse looms large, with potential scenarios ranging from nuclear annihilation to biotechnological disasters and unchecked artificial intelligence (AI) surpassing human control. Such catastrophic events could drastically reduce the global population and push humanity to the edge of extinction. However, history shows us that humanity is resilient, having overcome monumental natural disasters and pandemics. Despite these threats, the likelihood of total extinction remains relatively low due to our species' adaptability, technological advancements, and widespread distribution across the globe.

On another potential path, humanity may avert collapse but reach a stagnation point, hitting an upper limit of progress. This plateau could result from various barriers, including environmental degradation, resource depletion, or unforeseen limitations in our capacity for technological innovation. However, such a plateau is likely to be a temporary state. The relentless pace of change in technology, coupled with the pressing challenges posed by climate change, will undoubtedly push civilization in new directions.

 Transcendence and a Multi-Planetary Future

Transcendence represents the most optimistic future trajectory, where humanity not only overcomes its immediate threats but achieves a level of advancement that propels us into a new era of prosperity. This path involves harnessing breakthroughs in AI, biotechnology, and renewable energy to solve our most pressing challenges, from disease and hunger to environmental degradation. The advent of an intelligence explosion could see AI far exceeding human capabilities, opening the door to solving complex problems and enhancing human well-being to unprecedented levels.

Securing our long-term survival may well depend on becoming a multi-planetary species. Establishing self-sustaining civilizations on other planets would dramatically reduce the chances of human extinction, allowing us to carry forward our legacy and explore new frontiers. This bold step into the cosmos could mark the beginning of an era where humanity flourishes across the galaxy, potentially evolving into diverse forms and branching into new species as we adapt to different environments.

The Power of Human Ingenuity through Unity and Responsibility

The future remains unwritten, and the choices we make today will shape the trajectory of our species. While the threats we face are significant, they are not insurmountable. Our history is a testament to the remarkable resilience and ingenuity of the human spirit. By embracing innovation and cooperating on a global scale, we can navigate the challenges ahead and steer our civilization towards a future of prosperity and discovery.

As we ponder the vast expanse of the universe and our place within it, we must also consider the legacy we wish to leave behind. The potential for a brighter future is within our grasp, but achieving it will require vision, determination, and a collective commitment to safeguarding our planet and embracing the unknown. In the end, our greatest achievement may be in ensuring that life, in all its diversity and wonder, continues to flourish long after we are gone.

Human Fate

Is and Through Africa

Africa stands as a pivotal force shaping the future of the global population and energy landscape. With a current population nearing 1.2 billion, or 16% of the world's total, Africa is on the brink of a demographic explosion expected to double its population by 2050. 

This surge will elevate Africa's global population share to 25%, with 40% of the world's children under five residing on the continent, spotlighting Nigeria as a key contributor to global birth rates. Today, The number of inhabitants in a country, or a group of countries, continues to be a factor of power

Rich in energy resources, Africa boasts significant reserves of oil, natural gas, uranium, hydropower potential, and renewable energy capabilities, underlined by an abundance of sunlight. Such wealth positions the continent as a potential leader in the transition to a low-carbon economy, leveraging vast renewable energy resources to meet its growing needs without following the pollutant-heavy paths of industrialized regions.

However, Africa's journey towards sustainable development isn't solely reliant on its energy potential. The continent's rich natural resources, including significant reserves of gold, essential minerals, and coveted agricultural commodities, offer a foundation for economic growth. But the path to prosperity is fraught with challenges such as volatile commodity prices, corruption, and a historical dependence on raw material exports that hinder economic diversification and innovation.

Innovation and technological leapfrogging present Africa with unique opportunities to bypass traditional development hurdles. Similar to how mobile phone technology eclipsed landlines, distributed solar generation could revolutionize Africa's energy sector, offering a cleaner, decentralized alternative to extensive power distribution networks.

Africa's future, interwoven with the fate of the global population and environmental sustainability, hinges on its ability to harness demographic growth, natural resources, and technological innovation. 

By embracing sustainable practices and leapfrogging to advanced technologies, Africa not only charts its path to prosperity but also leads the world towards a more sustainable, equitable future.

An Africa, 

That encompasses;

Free Basic Needs

Clean Energy,  Equality, Goodhealth & Well-Being, Clean Water & Sanitation, No Poverty & Zero Hunger, Sustainable Cities & Communities, Transportation, Information & Access

Humane Technology

Radically reimagine our technological infrastructure and blueprint to serve our collective well-being and not exploit us


Fosters Community Over Self, Responsible Consumption & Production, Eco-Consciousness, Decent Work & Conscious Economy


Encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all indigenous and diaspora ethnic groups of African descent

Alt Governance

Towards direct democracy, bottom-up, collaborative, sustainable, transparent, inclusive, self-determining, and dynamic

Going Beyond

Going beyond earthlings and our sun into the distant space of extretesterial being

Join us as we collectively explore, decide, and create a new Africa - the Africa we want