Through creativity, collective work and responsibility!

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Our first initiative is to connect everything African through, first of a kind, a Transnational Afro-Civil Community Platform

AfroCom is a next-generation community-driven platform geared towards citizens' (user) well-being and driven by collective intelligence (CI) and community-chain technology.

Key Features

  • Built on Consciousness, Connectivity, Community, and Co-creation

  • Decentralize and Open-Source Software

  • Driven by Collective Intelligence and Community-chain Technology

  • Afrocentric and Afrothentic

  • Many more.

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Our blueprint

Our manifesto

“Alone; I am nothing and have nothing. We have power; but we will never know it nor see it work, unless we come together to make it work.” 

- Ayi Kwei Armah -


Who we are

​An open collaborative community to co-create a Transnational Afro-community - the new Africa for all.

We envision and strive for

An Utopic Afro-nation communally defined by its people, to compass free basic needs, direct democracy, humane technology, a conscious and united African,  through collective work & responsibility

Group of Engineers
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Our strategic building blocks

Consciousness: Enlightenment through awareness of the self, the all and their interconnectivity - fundamentally drives all sustainable development or gorwth. Connectivity: With the former in place we can consciously build impactful connections (people, ideas, knowledge, etc) and leverage efficiently such network effect for our won growth. Community: Social belonging is inherent to the human condition and nature, and undoubtedly the most critical element for any sustainable and modern (ity) society. Co Creation: A by-product of community and an act of collective creativity, is critical for achieving more effective and efficient problem solving in innovation. 

Support our course

It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving

Your support or contributions through fund donations will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions in the Afro-community.

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"Make a difference about something other than yourselves" - Toni Morrison

Africa - the past, present and future


Africa - the past, present and future

African's IoT Challenge


African's IoT Challenge

The New Africa Through Ubujima!


The New Africa Through Ubujima!

A letter to Africa & Africans – at home & in the diaspora


A letter to Africa & Africans – at home & in the diaspora

AU in probes to partner with Ubujima


AU in probes to partner with Ubujima

Our current campaign

Project AfroCom

Let's make it viral

Our current priority is to reach as many people as possible; the power of the mass and benefit of network-effect. 

We give you all the tools you need to promote Ubujima and AfroCom on your social media or website, and earn commissions on your efforts - if you opt to get paid for the effort. Payment based on referral commisions are available by signing up.

Support the project financially

You may do so either through our "support AfroCom" page or on kickstarters

Even better, join the team

As a cocreating platform, everyone is invited to join and partake in the work involved and proportionally share in the return benefits

Lets discuss, decide & build

We strive for and are super passionate about an Afro-community that encompases the below

Happy Family

Clean Energy,  Equality, Goodhealth & Well-Being, Clean Water & Sanitation, No Poverty & Zero Hunger, Sustainable Cities & Communities, Transportation, Information & Access

Free Basic Needs
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Encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all indigenous and diaspora ethnic groups of African descent

Image by Simon Wilkes

Fosters Community Over Self, Responsible Consumption & Production, Eco-Consciousness, Decent Work & Conscious Economy

Image by Kalea Morgan

Towards direct democracy, bottom-up, collaborative, sustainable, transparent, inclusive, self- determining, and dynamic

Alt Governance

Radically reimagine our technological infrastructure and blueprint to serve our collective well-being and not to exploit us

Humane Technology
Solar Eclipse

Reimagining And Rewriting Our Narratives

Going Beyond