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Wake Up 

It's time, it's now

Welcome to a pivotal space where awareness meets action. 

In an era marked by monumental institutional failures, both mental and physical, we find ourselves collectively generating outcomes that no one desires – a sobering list encompassing inequalities, climate change, hunger, poverty, terrorism, violence, and the erosion of communities, nature, and life itself. These issues form the bedrock of our social, economic, ecological, and spiritual well-being.

As humanity steps into an unparalleled new era, both for Earth and Human history, we recognize the urgent need to navigate the challenges that threaten our very existence. To not just survive but thrive in the centuries ahead, we must confront the most significant adversary we've ever encountered – ourselves.

Gone are the days when natural causes posed the gravest threats to our survival. Today, the most formidable risks emanate from our own actions. Shockingly, the peril of self-inflicted extinction surpasses that of natural causes by over 300 times, a stark revelation that demands our immediate attention.

The Future of Life Institute pinpoints four primary risks imperiling our survival:

Nuclear War: The looming specter of widespread devastation hangs over us, urging us to address the potential cataclysmic consequences of global conflict.


Climate Change: Our planet's delicate balance is under threat, and the consequences of unchecked climate change are already evident. A comprehensive approach is essential to mitigate the risks posed to our global ecosystem.

Biotechnology: While biotechnology holds the promise of addressing critical issues like food scarcity and disease, its unchecked misuse could unleash global disasters. The release of a designer pathogen could surpass even the toll of a global nuclear war.

Artificial Intelligence: In the realm of AI, we face a threat that might outsmart us, become an ally, or potentially out-compete us for vital resources, pushing humanity into obscurity. Navigating this unprecedented risk landscape is our paramount challenge.

Wake up - for the time, is now

The current situation demands a new level of leadership: one that is conscious, collaborative and united. This unified approach will allow us to address challenges more thoughtfully, purposefully, and strategically, ultimately shaping a brighter future with greater potential.

As a future global leader, Africa has the unique opportunity to embody this envisioned leadership style and empower humanity by consciously striving for the collective good. Africa's transformation, when actively pursued by and for all its people, has the potential to serve as a model for overcoming shared human challenges.

Therefore, as Africa continues on its path of transformation, it's crucial to actively reimagine its future through collaborative efforts. This requires diverse stakeholders to engage in iterative discussions and reflections, fostering a co-creation process that drives sustainable progress and positive change.


Our Manifesto

Who we are

“Alone; I am nothing and have nothing. 

We have power; but we will never know it nor see it work, unless we come together to make it work.” 

- Ayi Kwei Armah -


We are a grassroots-level non-profit organization of people from different backgrounds drawing our strength from community-ness, modern science and technology, and importantly, from the traditional African belief that the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all.

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Strategic Plan


To mobilize and empower the global Afro-community towards building an innovative community of shared ecosystem that fosters conscious connectivity and collaboration in re-imagining and co-creating a better Africa and Afro-communities globally

Strategy Focus

Consciousness: enlightenment through awareness of oneself, the all and their interconnection is the only fundamental requirement for attaining a harmonious world 

Connectivity: the whole is contained in every single piece. Consciously connecting the pieces with clarity of direction is central to creating possibilities and transforming realities beyond our imaginations 

Community-ness: social belonging is inherent to the human condition and nature, and is undoubtedly the most critical element for any sustainable and modern (ity) society. 

Co-creation: a by-product of community-ness and an act of collective creativity, is critical for achieving more effective and efficient problem-solving in innovation. Additionally, it opens opportunities to successfully develop and implement sustainable solutions. 

Area of Work

Excelling in our mission means cocreating with the community stakeholders such as civil organizations and individuals operating on the same principle of bettering the livelihood of the various Afro-communities and their people globally. Our campaigns and work resolve mainly around collectively discussing and addressing these concerns within the global Afro-community

Consciouness: Wellness and Collectiveness

Pan-Africanism: Diaspora and Africa

Governance and Institutions

Technology (internet) and Society

The Ubujima Initiative serves as a rallying point for those ready to face these challenges head-on. Together, we aim not just to survive but to thrive in the face of adversity. 

Our commitment is to foster a collective consciousness that sparks actionable change, addressing these issues and steering Africa and humanity toward a future defined by resilience, innovation, and harmonious coexistence with our planet.

Explore and share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns in our collective manifesto documentation here

Join us as we collectively explore and share thoughts, ideas, and concerns in our collective manifesto documentation. 

Shape the Future of Africa Together

Flagship Initiative

AfroCom - platform as a solution

AfroCom is a community-oriented platform to improve Afro-citizens' well-being and foster community growth through collective intelligence and open-source technologies.

Using real-time and geo-location to connect the global Afro-community, AfroCom's super-app ecosystem seamlessly provides various unrelated services via a single interface. These include self-development, networking, entertainment, e-commerce, education, fintech, business solutions, and e-government services.

AfroCom goes beyond social media, prioritizing your well-being with personalized tips for mind, body, and spirit. We tackle basic needs like food and work while building a thriving community together. Simplify your digital life with our all-in-one platform, and make more time for loved ones, nature, and spirituality. As a Pan-African platform, AfroCom empowers you to co-create solutions for a better Africa – from institutions and inequality to climate change and poverty.

AfroCom, a platform as a tool, is a strategic initiative to connect everything African through our African Network of Things (ANoT) goal. But importantly, leverage such network-effect to drive sustainable innovation and development for a better global Afro-community and Africa.

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#Super-App #Collective-Intelligence #Decentralized #Shared Ecosystem #Open-Source #Afro-Centric & Afro-Authentic

Experience the pulse of Africa in real-time with AfroCom!

This screenshot captures a live page on the AfroCom platform, offering a real-time snapshot of Africa's well-being. The colored map markers represent users' current moods and emotions, ranging from red (representing emotions like anger or danger) to violet (signifying positive emotions like excitement or happiness).

Want to see it in action?

Any donation enables AfroCom to uplight lives.


Co-creating together

Excelling in our mission means cocreating with all community stakeholders such as civil organizations and individuals operating on the same principle of bettering the livelihood of the various Afro-communities and their people globally.

We salute and are proud to work with the following Pan-Africanist organizations:

African Union


AfroCom Coop

Nation of Islam

We are open to support and partnership with all - institutions; governmental and non-governmental, businesses and investors, and individuals around the globe who are working to give all people the same chance to thrive, no matter where they live and background