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- The Transnational Afro-Civil Community Platform -

Thanks, have fun & be well !

About AfroCom..

A next generation community-driven super-app platform geared towards user well-being : - driven by collective intelligence (CI) and community-chain (CC) technology

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Platform as a tool

How do we connect everything Africa and leverage such network - effect to drive the change we want?

​Meet AfroCom - we are cocreating the next humane digital platform that can seamlessly connect everything African at all levels - promoting well-being, communitiness, change making through co-creation, resources pooling and access, and simultaneously creating the needed data to provide informatics and oversight for growth.


Super App

All your virtual life in one place: consolidated, organized with block chain secuirity.



Not only are we are decentralized autonomus organization but we are also cocreated through open source software



User well-being driven towards collective growth as a community



To promote and drive the growth of Africa. For the average person, change-makers, businesses & authorities

Cocreate with us

Join hands to make it a reality

Let's make it viral

Our current priority is to reach as many people as possible; the power of the mass and benefit of network-effect. 

We give you all the tools you need to promote Ubujima and AfroCom on your social media or website, and earn commissions on your efforts - if you opt to get paid for the effort. Payment based on referral commisions are available by signing up.

Support the project financially

You may do so either through our "support AfroCom" page or on kickstarters

Even better,  join us

As a cocreating platform, everyone is invited to join and partake in the work involved and proportionally share in the return benefits

Explore our free features

Problems we are solving and solutions AfroCom through humane digital products and services

AfroCom is entirely free for all - explore the value it creates for the various stakeholders

"It takes a community to build a community"
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