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“If you don’t like someone’s story, write your own”

- Chinua Achebe -

Our Journey and work


In line with our strategic plan below, we currently focus all our efforts (time, skills & funds) on creating awareness, building our home platform - AfroCom, and getting as much of the world (particulary the Afro - cummunity) on board - the power of the mass.


Explore discussed, proposed, scheduled, in-progress initiatives, activities and targets.

  • Ubujima Inception


  • So far so good


Explore discussed, proposed, scheduled, in-progress initiatives, activities and targets.

  • workplace

  • rebuilt

  • Project AfroCom MVP

  • Networking for change-makers

  • General publicity


  • So far so good


Explore discussed, proposed, scheduled, in-progress initiatives, activities and targets.

  • General publicity

  • Partnerships

  • Team Building

  • Fundraising

  • Afrocom MVP launch

  • site maintenance

  • Afrocom - on going (version releases)


  • Ubujima and AfroCom users growth


Explore discussed, proposed, scheduled, in-progress initiatives, activities and targets.

  • AfroCom: user chain (blockchain), AI, IoT, Afroweb3 

  • African union intiatives: continental reach, planning and stimulations, voting system

  • Big employer in Africa & diaspora

  • etc


  • Members gorwth % per continent

Strategic Plan

This is a critical moment for the world, but importantly Africa: its people, narrative and evolution. Today’s development challenges are dynamic and interconnected puzzles of multidimensional risk that require systemic solutions and multilateral cooperation in addressing these shared challenges.

In practise, Ubujima serve as a hub that endeavors to connects of all (people, ideas, thoughts, interests, resources, etc) towards cocreating a community desired by all.

Our strategy and present efforts are designed to initiate, ensure and catalyst connectivity, and consequently leveraging the resulting network-effect to the mutual benefit and growth of its members.

Strategic Plan Breakdown_edited.png

Strategic Focus

Ubujima's strategic plan is grounded in its' commitment to mobilize the afro-community towards co creating a better Africa for all. Such a possibility and challenge requires looking outside the box hence - shifting our focus.

Our strategic focuses guide all our decisions and initiatives, whereas, our strategic tool enables us to implement the former. 




The path towards any sustainable and harmonious future fundamentally requires requires us to drop everything that is not essential. This process of letting-go (of our old ego and self) and letting-come (our highest future possibility: our real Self) establishes a subtle connection to a deeper source of knowing. The result; individual members and the group as a whole begin to operate with a heightened level of energy and sense of future possibility



The whole is contained in every single fragment, in every piece. Thus, such awareness and the creation of connectivity to enable the flow of things – people, ideas, information with clarity of direction or desire - is central in creating possibilities and transforming realities beyond our imaginations. All the huge achievements of humankind throughout history, whether it's building the pyramids or the internet have been based not on individual abilities, but on this ability to cooperate flexibly in large numbers. 



Social belonging is inherent to the human condition and nature. The lack of it might lead to various undesirable effects. Within communitiness, the feeling of being needed creates a sense of indispensability, worthiness, self-respect and autonomy in individual’s self-perception. Thus, regarded as undoubtedly the most critical element for any sustainable and modern (ity) society. No wonder, it's popularly held in the African tradition and belief that the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all.



As an act of collective creativity at the scale of the whole or creativity that is shared by two or more people - co creation is critical for achieving more effective and efficient problem solving in innovation. Additionally, with diverse stakeholders in innovation networks, it opens opportunities to successfully develop and implement sustainable innovations.

Strategic Tool

"It takes a community to build a community"
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