We are all about "A better Africa for All"
A New Social Paradigm defined and built by the people, of the people, for the people.
 Vision & Mission 
An Utopic Africa that compasses free basic needs, direct democracy, humane iOT, conscious economy, & green Africa through Ubujima - Swaheli wordplay for creativity, collective work and responsibility.
As Africa emerges, rises, and begins to forge a more positive outlook ahead, a concerted efforts to rethink the future and come up with relevant and sustainable ideas for the future is fundamental. Ubujima is a communal catalyst & co-creation platform supporting & partnering with all existing initiatives for such social change but ultimately to serve as the foundational block of shaping and transforming Africa in such times.
Our foundation community framework is built on the following principles
  • Self- determination  & organization: the framework is meant to facilitate both of them. It minimizes coercion; and it support free agency and organizational organic complexification with a transparent order
  • Inclusivity / openness: facilitating direct participation of whoever is affected by a decision, whether physically or morally. It should encourage the leverage of collective intelligence through open collaboration
  • Decentralized transparency: decentralized and transparent system that creates trust and visibility for the stakeholders involved.
  •  Dynamism & Agility: enabling rapid adaptations to changes and challenges
  • Collaboration over competition: commitment to solving communal problems -  taking ego out of our equation and rather promote a culture of collaboration
  • Sustainability: the framework is “sustainability-oriented” in that its designed to directly tackle social and/or environmental issues.
  • 80/20 principle: to drive engagement, contribution and innovation by incentivizing change agents and community as a whole
 Our symbol 
The colored map represent our vision and mission - An Utopic Africa for all, by all and, of all. 
The black cross "Tabono", is an Adinkra symbol of Ghana symbolizing unity - our strategy in achieving our vision.
 Our Name 
"Ubujima" is coined from a word play of the following words in Swahili;
Ubunifu (Ubu) - meaning Creativity
Ujima (jima) - meaning Collective Work & Responsibility 
  • How things are done

    Communally, members network and pool together resources, using our platform tools, to pursue life betterment projects for all in Africa: be it for an individual, a community or Africa as whole.
    Transparency, decentralization and involvement; our foundational pillars are engrained in any decision made, action taken, prioritization of initiatives and allocation of funds. As a result our platform is packed with user features such as polls & survey, forum, comments, likes & dislikes to serve the above purpose. As we evolve, we will build  more features to enforce decentralization, transparency and fairness further within the community. 

    At Ubujima, transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability of all stakeholders. Hence our binding 80/20 Pareto Principle.

    For example;

    • our community decisions and actions are decided by the members (80% veto) and the management team (20% veto).

    • members are incentivized in their involvements and contribution in matters relating to the community & their livelihood.

    • allocating and distributing resources is carried out fairly and easily

    • partnering and collaborating with third parties (artists, content creators, businesses, etc.) enforces community first 

  • Things we building

    The challenge and therefore our ultimate mission, is to build a shared Utopic Africa.

     A community that compasses free basic needs, direct democracy, humane iOT, conscious economy, & green Africa through Ubujima - Swaheli wordplay for creativity, collective work and responsibility

    As it takes a community to build a community, our initial project is building and fostering of a decentralized, transparent digital African community platform - our ANoT platform. 

    Why start with that first?

    We believe that starting digitally ease our efforts but importantly, it serve as the needed supplementary tool for now existing and on-going initiatives on the continent particular in areas of awareness, coordination, oversight and resource pooling.

    We also invite the public to bring their own projects on board with one requirement. Thus, whatever the project, it should bring  positive impact on the black community or Africa as whole. This impact assessment is determined by the community members though projects polls, survey and discussion forums.

  • Who we work with

    We are open to support and partnership with all institutions; governmental and non-governmental, businesses & investors, individuals around the globe who are working to give all people the same chance to thrive, no matter where they live. Our decision in this regard, will always be guided by our principle and our mission of a new social paradigm in Africa. 

It takes a community to build one!!

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