Funds & Finance

Transparency is very engrained in every thing we do at ubujima. As part of our open community effort, all Ubujima's funds and finances are publicly made available to all stakeholders; members, partners, teams, and the general public.

Our Sources of Funding 

  • 40% through fundraising & donations

  • 60% through our ANoT platform 

Funds Usage & Distribution

  • all funds from donations to the foundation are invested projects voted and selected by the community

  • all funds from donations to a specific causes are allocated to that specific cause chosen by donors 

  • ANoT platform profits from digital transaction is distributed using 80/20 principles among it community members.



Your support or contributions through fund donations will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. 

Any donation is published and visible to you and the public. You may also opt to be anonymous. 

Ubujima Donations go into supporting and pursuing strategic continental projects. 

Projects & Locality Backings go into supporting that specific project, community or individual per donors choosing.

Current Finances

We currently have no donation, investment nor generating revenue from our ANoT platform. All our current expenses, activities, assets are all footed by the head founder.



As in any partnership, the current one means shared equity and responsibility but paramount to all, is its inclusivity and representativeness of the continent but same time - manageability.

 Our structure.

 Board of Directors (80%) :- Ownership structure of ubujima is the foundation members, the design of which all members of Ubujima will be invited to contribute to, and the board of which will be elected by the network - a distributed network with no central control or ownership.  

Management Team (20%) :- Ubujima is managed by a devoted team, led by the founder to executes Ubujima's strategies and leads its operations and business activities soul-heartedly towards the shared vision of an Utopic Africa, through Ubujima. 


  • Founding Team

  • Open Source Software Team

  • Regional Teams

  • Country Teams: 

  • Local Teams:

  • Come & Go Contributors   

It takes a community to build one!!

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