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“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

 -Maya Angelou -


We believe by co-creation as the collaborative development of new value we are more sustainable and impactful in all we do. Thats why we invite you the reader to join us in our  collaborative innovation endeavors : share and improve ideas together, rather than kept to oneself.

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My name is Daniel (Koby) Addo-Brown, originally from Ghana and Nigeria, and  being living inbetween the AU, EU, and US

I am a very average (simple and laid back) person who enjoys all, especially the little things.

I love to connect - all my social media above.

On serious note, this is my email and my calander availability to connect on Ubujima or AfroCom


A world where:

  • - there is free basic needs for all

  • - we only work 20hrs a week unless you are workaholic like me and dont mind doing more. hahah

  • - we can mentally and psychological let go - the silence

  • - free flow of people and all

  • - we are all one nation (community) but with our diversities and differences

  • - explore other planets and universe together

  • - no more inequalities (rich vs poor, woman vs men, black vs white, bullshit, etc): in the matrix, there is no such thing but we are equal elements in it.

  • - overcome climatic and other severe challenges to our planet earth and the human race.



Some of my thoughts, beliefs and questions 

  • - god, life and all: is a meaning-less/ful conscious void and silent 

  • - audi, vide, tace: see, hear, be silent - 

  • - the only purpose of or to life, is to be - the meaning of being - awareness

  • - you can sum everything or "God" up as a living Matrix - but its beyond our human capacity to conceive it entirely

  • - we are gods or elements of "God" but importantly the elements that makes is whole

  • - yes, we are a living matrix or we live in a living matrix which assumes meaning from its elements and connections

  • - cogito ergo sum: we are just, and limited by, our thoughts modded by place and time and vice versa.

  • - our civilizations and probably our human race and its existence as we perceive is just a phase in time, a phase of God, our reality or just an illusion

  • - life or the universe goes on; with us or without us, irrespective of what we do or not do. 

  • - our perceived and conceived world of yesterday, today or tomorrow is our own creation or doings.

  • - a better world means or requires the connection of the all to be whole 

  • - if to be (the only purpose to life or being alive), requires awareness (to know and become something) then information or data is the basic form of life

  • - our thoughts, actions, beliefs and personas and personalities are just by-products of data and connections (natural algorithmic process over time and place)

  • - connection and connectivity should be the new religion.

  • - good and evil, is our own construction and these elements exist in all of us


  • - my work - its the only thing that gives me a sense of being or purpose.

  • - knowledge - The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing

  • - connecting with nature and all around me 

  • - i love long walks and need at least 30mins walk a day preferably in or by nature

  • - company and in the midst of people - especially in the same vibe over convo, drinks, music and food

  • - traveling and exploring places and cultures

  • - music, food, etc.

  • - pretty much - i love most things 

"It takes a community to build a community"
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