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Lets discuss, decide & build

We strive for and super passionate about an Afro-community that encompases the below. 

Explore and share your own thoughts, ideas, suggestions or pose a question in the specific discussion forums

Happy Family

Clean Energy,  Equality, Goodhealth & Well-Being, Clean Water & Sanitation, No Poverty & Zero Hunger, Sustainable Cities & Communities, Transportation, Information & Access

Free Basic Needs
All Hands In_edited.jpg

Encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all indigenous and diaspora ethnic groups of African descent

Image by Simon Wilkes

Fosters Community Over Self, Responsible Consumption & Production, Eco-Consciousness, Decent Work & Conscious Economy

Image by Kalea Morgan

Towards direct democracy, bottom-up, collaborative, sustainable, transparent, inclusive, self- determining, and dynamic

Alt Governance

Radically reimagine our technological infrastructure and blueprint to serve our collective well-being and not to exploit us

Humane Technology
Solar Eclipse

Reimagining And Rewriting Our Narratives

Going Beyond
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