Collaboration & Contribution

 The old knowledge

"It takes a community to build a community" 

For us, we believe everyone can be a social change-maker and inherently owes that to him/herself and the community. With no doubt that, the future of innovation and any socially minded change is co-creation, Ubujima  is an avenue for all, from diverse sectors to share a common goal of creating innovative, people-centric approaches to attain and overcome the issues affecting our communities.

The challenge is - Do we have what it takes ?

 " A United & Utopic Africa in 30 years from Today "

There are so many ways you can contribute or be part of the family and movement, either through:

  •  membership - networking with follow Africans, sharing your thoughts or criticism, explore Afrocentric digital contents (videos & live streams, music, podcast, article & news), product & services.

  • project building & collaboration - bring your ideas & project on board or build one from scratch. We provide funding and other supports. 

  • Ubujima  projects - you can join the foundation team or contribute voluntarily or on compensation basis - we seek all project managers, activists, ​journalists, accountants, marketers, public or digital influencers, psychologist, engineers, content creators. etc.

  • provide and promote your venture, products and services

  • donations and investments - you can donate to ubujima or back any project on the platform by our members across the globe. We are also open to investors for 5% equity.

Where to Contribute or Collaborate



Ubujima is an open workplace  and pro-African  inviting all in leadership, activism,  software development  & design, education, project management, finance, legal, translation, publicity or marketing, journalism, art ,  social & civil science , data science, etc.

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Project & Ideas

We invite all change-makers notably NGOs, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Influencers & SME to come on board with their projects & ideas. We provide funding, projects & co-creations tools. 

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Connect & share 

Join the community - explore  & connect with all  Africa: the people and culture  through  social networking features, fresh and exclusive contents, product & services , events, discussions,  projects, etc..

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Black - Owned


As the biggest digital black community, our platform gives businesses global reach, ability to engage with consumers, informatics and vast support towards growth & consciousness – socially & economically.

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Foundation Structures

Ubujima is Self-Run by 80/20 Pareto Principle

At Ubujima, transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability of all stakeholders. Hence our binding 80/20 Pareto Principle.

For example;

  • our community decisions and actions are decided by the members (80% veto) and the management team (20% veto).

  • members are incentivized in their involvements and contribution in matters relating to the community & their livelihood.

  • allocating and distributing resources is carried out fairly and manageably,

  • partnering and collaborating with third parties (artists, content creators, businesses, etc.) in community-centered ways


As in any partnership, the current one means shared equity and responsibility but importantly in our situation is, its representativeness of the continent and manageability. 

Board of Directors:- Ownership structure of ubujima is the foundation members, the design of which all members of Ubujima will be invited to contribute to, and the board of which will be elected by the network - a distributed network with no central control or ownership.

Management Team:- Ubujima is managed by a devoted team, led by the founder to executes Ubujima's strategies and leads its operations and business activities soul-heartedly towards the shared vision of an Utopic Africa, through Ubujima. 


  • Founding Team: these are the primary founders

  • Open Source Software Team: our open community of engineers putting ANoT together.

  • Regional Teams: there are two regional heads per each of the five regions of the continent.

  • Country Teams: there are one representative of each African country 

  • Local Teams: these are regional, state, city, town and village heads. Ubujima is about the grassroots hence our  structure going that far up/down. 

  • Come & Go Contributors : we also cater for unattached contributors to contribute voluntarily or on compensation basis

It takes a community to build one!!

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Share your thoughts and suggestions about this page & proposed content.